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Photography Brands that Leave Their Mark on Mobiles

Photography brands

Smartphone makers have been bragging about cameras for years. With each generation, we try to raise not only the bar of numbers but of the functionality and the real quality of the shot we do with our mobiles. Halfway between this last aspect and further pushing the brand’s reputation, some manufacturers have reached agreements for prestigious photography firms to leave their stamp on the cameras of some models.

Photography brands

We can consider that Nokia was the pioneer, but other brands such as Huawei also shook hands with a recognized brand in photography years ago. The main objective is to achieve a greater association of “quality”, although the theory also tells us that brands work together to improve results. Let’s take a look at the best known and most successful associations.

Zeiss, a guarantee of quality

Zeiss shouldn’t need an introduction as it is a famous house founded in Germany in 1846 and specialized in optical equipment. The association with Nokia dates from the time of Nokia N90, that is to say, from the year 2005. After the fall of the Nokia that we knew, there was a lap of downtime. However, it was in 2017 and already with the help of HMD Global, that the brand regained the agreement with Zeiss, which it has maintained to this day.

More recently it has been the Chinese company Vivo, which has broken that sense of exclusivity associated with Nokia and Zeiss. Its X60 series has been in charge of launching this association, which also bears the signature on the most advanced live cameras. We say sensation because Sony is another of the brands that have the Zeiss seal in many of its releases.

Leica and Huawei hand in hand

Leica and Huawei hand in hand

Similarly, Leica is automatically associated with Huawei. This German manufacturer of optical instruments has shaped the best terminals of the firm, starting with the dual camera of the Huawei P9 in 2016. Currently, it is still present in the most powerful terminals of the brand such as the latest Mate 40. The future of this The association will depend a lot on Huawei’s plans for Europe, due to the veto suffered by the United States.

OnePlus, taking example with Hasselblad

The most recent association, although it has yet to be made official, has recently been leaked. The OnePlus 9 Pro has been seen with the Hasselblad label on its cameras. This means that the company will enlist the help of this renowned Swedish camera firm, to improve the results of its next flagships. Recall that in recent years, OnePlus terminals have lagged somewhat behind their more direct competition.