The Return of the Compact Smartphone

compact smartphone

Among reports that the iPhone 12 Mini is not meeting expectations with sales, the success of the iPhone SE, and a new version of the Xperia Compact, small phones are making a tumultuous comeback.

compact smartphone

A year and a half later, the landscape has changed a lot in the smartphone market. At that time it was already rumoured that Apple would be working on a new SE model that would finally wait until the spring of 2020. And a few months and a pandemic later, with the presentation of the iPhone 12, the Cupertino company revealed something that did not It then entered the equation: the new 12 mini models that took more than an inch with its brother Pro Max and almost three centimetres in length.

The new SE was a success, the 12 mini seems not so much

Apple’s return to its small-screen bid somewhat contradicts the path the industry had taken in recent years. Although there are plenty of examples of how Apple has set the trends for other manufacturers.

Thus, and although it seems impossible that we return to the 4 inches offered by the original SE, the 4.7 of the second-generation SE marked a before and after that would pick up the 12 Mini with more force. With 5.4 inches -but less size even than the SE of 2020 due to the absence of edges- compared to 6.1 of the normal iPhone 12 or 6.7 of the Pro Max model, the bet of this small iPhone with all High-end features and components underscored the message: Apple was betting on compact again.

The road to the Mini’s launch and the reasons for putting it on the market can be better understood by looking at the sales success of the second generation SE. Understood as an economic model that could fully compete with a good part of the Android market, the SE was understood as the new entry-level model for users who had never opted for the iOS ecosystem and who now had one at a price adjusted to which give a chance.

12 Mini sales might not be as expected

But this good tuning does not seem to have worked in the same way with the 12 Mini. This week there was an unconfirmed piece of information from Apple saying that Pegatron, the Taiwanese assembler who had been entrusted with making the 12 Mini, had seen its manufacturing orders reduced. Meanwhile, the same reports claimed that Foxconn, responsible for the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, increased their manufacture.