Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Taco Bell survey offers you the chance to win some brisk money as sweepstakes without investing in quite a bit of an effort. Tellthebell survey is directed by Taco Bell and it is an exceptionally well-known fast-food chain. Their motive is to gain as much feedback as possible by alluring its customers with prizes.

tacobell store

Customers or users just need to answer the questions that are available at the Tellthebell website. These questions include only their services and food quality they provide to their customers. The winner of the Tellthebell survey will get $500 worth of 52 prices.

Reasons for conducting the Survey

Taco Bell conducts an online survey for the following reasons

  • Attract more consumers and create additional traffic on the website- Through the online survey and taking customer feedback they attract new customers and also generate more traffic on their website.
  • Getting to Know the opinions of customers- The customers provides with honest feedback, give suggestions and opinions about the product and service of Home Depot.
  • Database of the customers- Taco Bell acquires the information of the customers to build a database of the customers who are interested in their products and the service provided by the company.
  • Attract new customers- Through the survey, Taco Bell attracts new customers to their company.

Survey Restrictions

  • Anyone below the age of 18 will be denied entry to the TacoBell survey and the sweepstakes.
  • Anyone staying outside the US and Canada may be able to take the survey and leave their feedback, but they will not be allowed to enter the sweepstakes.
  • You cannot win the prize without providing your personal details. TellTheBell will only use this information for the purpose of the draw.
  • Any employee or their immediate family member cannot take part in the survey for obvious reasons. The same goes for all the investors and associates of TacoBell, along with anyone else with ties to the company.
  • You are forbidden from taking the survey twice during a particular entry period. Don’t worry! You will have 13 chances to win the $500 cash during each entry period since prizes will be given out every week for 13 weeks!

Taco Bell Online Survey Method

In order to begin the survey process, make sure you might know the details like store number, date, and time printed on the receipt. With these details, you can 100% participate in the survey.

tacobell survey

  • So, therefore, open any of the web browsers and visit the official site.
  • Enter the details like store number, date, time, and order number available in the receipt.
  • After the successful entry, click on the button start.
  • The process has begun.
  • Try to share your opinions/ feedback with utmost honesty by filling out each and every question asked in the survey.
  • In the end, do not forget to enter the personal details which are completely secure.
  • After completing the entire process, just tap on the button called the submit button.
  • A coupon code you can observe displays on the screen.
  • Note down somewhere, and try to use it to redeem free tacos respectively.
    That’s all!!!!

How to Send a Telegram Online from PC and Mobile

Telegrams seem like something very old-fashioned. After all, it was the first half of the nineteenth century when they spread but are still used on some special occasions and for sending urgent communications. Fortunately, to send a telegram it is no longer necessary to go to the post office and dictate the content of the message to be sent.

Send a Telegram Online from PC

A bit like with faxes (for which we have dedicated an article on how to send faxes for free from a computer), it is possible to send a telegram from a PC without having to go to the post office. All this is possible through a convenient service on the Poste Italiane website dedicated to the online telegram.

Register on the Poste.it website

To use the services of the Post Office portal, you must be registered. If you do not have the SPID of Poste or an account on the site, then you need to create it.

Proceed in this way for a new registration on poste.it

  • connect to the Italian Post Office site;
  • at the top right, click on the “Personal Area” button;
  • a page will be shown where you can enter your username and password to log in, immediately below these fields there is the wording “Register”;
  • click above and follow the procedure which has several fairly clear steps: In the first, you need to enter your name, surname and tax code, in the second you will need to choose the credentials, then accept the conditions and finally confirm the summary.

Once you have an account, you can access the convenient postal services offered on the Poste website. Through the site, it is in fact possible not only to send telegrams but also registered letters, letters and book the collection of a package at home.

Send a telegram via the Posteitaliane website

If you have a Poste or SPID account (again from Posteitaliane – the PosteID) you can send the telegram. It is important to note that, although the sending takes place in digital form, the recipient will receive the telegram in a classic way, i.e. in paper form.

Telegram on your website

  • open the page dedicated to the telegram service;
  • click on the yellow button “Send online” at the bottom right;
  • then log in with the credentials obtained in the previous point or which you already have;
  • at this point write the text of the message or click on “Choose model”, to have a hand with the most common messages;
  • once the message has been entered, click on the “Continue” button;
  • then you will have to indicate the recipient, with his name and his address and the name of the sender. Having entered this data, click on the “Continue” button;
  • at this point, you will have a complete summary of the telegram in front of you and you can proceed to pay by credit card to send it.

As you can see, the procedure for sending a telegram is very simple and guided.

The cost of the telegram starts from € 5.50 (VAT included) for a telegram of up to 20 words and varies according to the length of the text, that is the number of words used. Sending is available for Italy and abroad and prices vary but you can always find them updated in the section dedicated to the price list.

At the date of writing this article, the price table for Italy is the one shown below – the costs shown are to be considered VAT excluded.

As for delivery times, if received by 07:00, delivery to the recipient will take place on the same day of shipment. Otherwise 24 hours later and then within the next day (excluding holidays).

Send a telegram via the Poste mobile app

Poste Italiane offers a mobile app from which it is possible to carry out many operations, as well as reserve a seat in line. The app also allowed conveniently to send telegrams, the procedure was quite similar to the PC one.

Now unfortunately the function seems to be no longer available. The section, perhaps little used, was previously accessible directly from the first page of the app.

In any case, from a mobile phone or tablet, it is always possible to use the mobile site which behaves in a similar way to the app, plus the possibility of sending telegrams online.

To send a telegram from a mobile phone:

  • connect to the mobile site of the service;
  • Click on the yellow button “Send online”;
  • log in with your Poste credentials (attention: on mobile, access with PosteID / SPID of Poste Italiane seems to be disabled);
  • write the text of the telegram or click on “Choose model” to have the help of the preset messages. Then click on “Continue”;
  • it will then be time to indicate the recipient, with his name and address and the sender’s name. Once these data have been entered, click on the “Continue” button;
  • at this point, we confirm the summary and proceed with the payment to send the telegram.

Send a telegram by telephone

Another method (which was also used in the past for the telegram) is sending by telephone. It is sufficient to call the number 186 from a landline or a mobile phone with TIM.

The telephone telegram can be dictated directly to a program that answers calls and the cost will be deducted from the TIM credit of the telephone or on the operator’s subsequent bill if the call is made from a fixed network.

Best Anonymous Chat Apps For Android And iOS

We deal daily with chats, from the now ubiquitous WhatsApp or Telegram to other “obscure” instant messaging applications such as Signal. We are also familiar with the free chats present in various social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. These are applications where you use your identity, name or phone number and for this reason, they are not anonymous chats at all.

Anonymous Chat Apps

In this article, we will instead see all the platforms on which you can chat freely and anonymously on a real anonymous chat without providing personal information to the interlocutors. These applications are used to chat without obligation, to communicate in secret with some friends or simply if you want to make new friends. Also, if you want to fully safeguard your privacy, think about using one of the VPN network providers.

Anonymous Chat: The Best Apps For iOS, Android

Generally, we talk about anonymous chat apps without registration, although some of these platforms still have an initial registration procedure via email.

Don’t worry: you can safely use a temporary email that self-destructs and is not connected in any way to your identity. Thanks to the temporary email addresses you can get the verification link without ever having to enter any personal data. These systems that we have recommended to you on various occasions, can be useful for registering on sites without clogging your real mailbox with unwanted messages.

Let’s start at this point with the applications that we have tested for you and that you can easily install on your iOS or Android smartphone.

KIK messenger

This chat resembles WhatsApp and Telegram, so you will surely find yourself at ease immediately. Registration is via email but you can take advantage of the advice we gave in the introduction (use a temporary one).

Once you have created an account, you can freely chat with other users who are identifiable simply by their username. It is easy to feel at ease once interfaced with an Italian chat. KIK is also one of the favourite chats for those who want to massage but keep their privacy.

It is common for KIK accounts to be exchanged on dating chats to continue the conversation more comfortably. In any case, be careful to send compromising photos on KIK because there is absolutely no guarantee that these will remain in secret chats. If you care about privacy, you are encouraged to be careful.

Wakie Voice Chat – Talk to Strangers

Wakie Voice Chat

It is a very interesting app that gives the possibility to chat with strangers from various countries. There are not many Italian presents but it is a very interesting community full of people from all over the world.

Wakie could be the app for you because it represents an excellent opportunity to chat and at the same time to practice English through new knowledge. The app was not initially created to protect those who write anonymously. However, you can hide all the details of your profile to talk to others in a completely anonymous way. It can also be safely used for voice calls.

Ablo – Friends all over the world you can chat with

If you like the idea behind Wakie but don’t feel good enough in languages, this application could be for you. Ablo automatically translates messages allowing you to chat with people from all over the world. The app is a real free chat that allows you to start a conversation with a random person.

If you are not particularly shy, it is also possible to make video calls. It is one of the apps that allows you to chat comfortably from your computer.

Connected2.me – Chat & Fun

Connected2.me is an interesting application inspired by Instagram and Snapchat through which you can start messaging without creating an account and without registering. A new account is required to submit stories (but you can always use the temporary email signup trick).

The app has two popular features:

you can find other people close to our location
allows you to chat randomly with another connected user

The Return of the Compact Smartphone

compact smartphone

Among reports that the iPhone 12 Mini is not meeting expectations with sales, the success of the iPhone SE, and a new version of the Xperia Compact, small phones are making a tumultuous comeback.

compact smartphone

A year and a half later, the landscape has changed a lot in the smartphone market. At that time it was already rumoured that Apple would be working on a new SE model that would finally wait until the spring of 2020. And a few months and a pandemic later, with the presentation of the iPhone 12, the Cupertino company revealed something that did not It then entered the equation: the new 12 mini models that took more than an inch with its brother Pro Max and almost three centimetres in length.

The new SE was a success, the 12 mini seems not so much

Apple’s return to its small-screen bid somewhat contradicts the path the industry had taken in recent years. Although there are plenty of examples of how Apple has set the trends for other manufacturers.

Thus, and although it seems impossible that we return to the 4 inches offered by the original SE, the 4.7 of the second-generation SE marked a before and after that would pick up the 12 Mini with more force. With 5.4 inches -but less size even than the SE of 2020 due to the absence of edges- compared to 6.1 of the normal iPhone 12 or 6.7 of the Pro Max model, the bet of this small iPhone with all High-end features and components underscored the message: Apple was betting on compact again.

The road to the Mini’s launch and the reasons for putting it on the market can be better understood by looking at the sales success of the second generation SE. Understood as an economic model that could fully compete with a good part of the Android market, the SE was understood as the new entry-level model for users who had never opted for the iOS ecosystem and who now had one at a price adjusted to which give a chance.

12 Mini sales might not be as expected

But this good tuning does not seem to have worked in the same way with the 12 Mini. This week there was an unconfirmed piece of information from Apple saying that Pegatron, the Taiwanese assembler who had been entrusted with making the 12 Mini, had seen its manufacturing orders reduced. Meanwhile, the same reports claimed that Foxconn, responsible for the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, increased their manufacture.

Adobe Spark, the Best way to Create Professional Graphics

Adobe Spark

Over time, mobile devices have become a platform with which multimedia content can be created with remarkable quality. This, mainly, is achieved thanks to the use of applications designed for it, and an example is Adobe Spark. We tell you what you can achieve by using it.

Adobe Spark

This is a development that seeks, and achieves, to be able to create graphics as an image that are useful when publishing (either on a website or on social networks so widely used today). The fact is that its objective is achieved with excellent simplicity and, also, with a large number of options that make this app one of the most recommended in its segment among all those that currently exist for Android.

One of the great virtues of this development is that it has a vast number of templates that allow you to adjust all the images that you have stored on your terminal (be it a phone or tablet with the Google operating system). The fact is that there are possibilities in what has to do with the element dimensions that ensure that the use on platforms such as Instagram or YouTube is a problem and in less than three minutes you have a thumbnail or opening image completely available. And, in this, it has a lot to do that the user interface is excellent, with the selection ribbon in the lower area so there is no loss.

Possibilities offered by Adobe Spark

Well, the truth is that there are quite a few in the free option that exists, being higher in the case of registering in the payment mode. Thus, for example, it is possible to change the predominant colors in the image; going through resizing what is obtained as a result; even being able to include texts and watermarks that always indicate that the resulting image is your creation. In addition, in each case the templates included are very numerous, so you don’t have to choose between two or three… we are talking about dozens in each case, so you will hardly ever repeat yourself.

Adobe Spark

The implementation is always reviewed in the upper area of ​​the screen, so the change you make is seen before obtaining the resulting image that does not overwrite the one you have, which is all true (it generates its own library where it is always possible to find what you’ve created). Regarding the fluidity of work, it must be said that Adobe Spark is an application that is multimedia is somewhat demanding, so in the tests, we carried out it was clear to us that the idea is to have a device with at least 3 GB of RAM. If so, the normal thing is that everything works without any problem.

Some details that you should know about this app

One of the important ones is that it is possible to easily share the images or graphics that you have created, where there is no lack of the possibility of generating collages in which to insert several different files, something that makes it different from its competition. Another of the good possibilities that exist in this job is that it has templates for creating memes and, also, electronic invitations. The truth is that it is one of the most complete possibilities on the market and the use of this application is not complicated.

If what we have mentioned seems interesting to you, surely you know that it is now possible to get this development for free in a very complete trial version both in the Galaxy Store and in the Play Store. Therefore, you can see first-hand what you achieve with Adobe Spark and, for sure, it convinces you to be much more professional in your multimedia creations.

Photography Brands that Leave Their Mark on Mobiles

Photography brands

Smartphone makers have been bragging about cameras for years. With each generation, we try to raise not only the bar of numbers but of the functionality and the real quality of the shot we do with our mobiles. Halfway between this last aspect and further pushing the brand’s reputation, some manufacturers have reached agreements for prestigious photography firms to leave their stamp on the cameras of some models.

Photography brands

We can consider that Nokia was the pioneer, but other brands such as Huawei also shook hands with a recognized brand in photography years ago. The main objective is to achieve a greater association of “quality”, although the theory also tells us that brands work together to improve results. Let’s take a look at the best known and most successful associations.

Zeiss, a guarantee of quality

Zeiss shouldn’t need an introduction as it is a famous house founded in Germany in 1846 and specialized in optical equipment. The association with Nokia dates from the time of Nokia N90, that is to say, from the year 2005. After the fall of the Nokia that we knew, there was a lap of downtime. However, it was in 2017 and already with the help of HMD Global, that the brand regained the agreement with Zeiss, which it has maintained to this day.

More recently it has been the Chinese company Vivo, which has broken that sense of exclusivity associated with Nokia and Zeiss. Its X60 series has been in charge of launching this association, which also bears the signature on the most advanced live cameras. We say sensation because Sony is another of the brands that have the Zeiss seal in many of its releases.

Leica and Huawei hand in hand

Leica and Huawei hand in hand

Similarly, Leica is automatically associated with Huawei. This German manufacturer of optical instruments has shaped the best terminals of the firm, starting with the dual camera of the Huawei P9 in 2016. Currently, it is still present in the most powerful terminals of the brand such as the latest Mate 40. The future of this The association will depend a lot on Huawei’s plans for Europe, due to the veto suffered by the United States.

OnePlus, taking example with Hasselblad

The most recent association, although it has yet to be made official, has recently been leaked. The OnePlus 9 Pro has been seen with the Hasselblad label on its cameras. This means that the company will enlist the help of this renowned Swedish camera firm, to improve the results of its next flagships. Recall that in recent years, OnePlus terminals have lagged somewhat behind their more direct competition.